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This exciting producer is based in Dalarna in the heart of Sweden. XQS themselves say that they develop the most modern tobacco-free Nicotine Pouches.                                                                                    24 Pouches per can 4mg Nicotine each pouch


Blueberry Mint: A sweet blueberry flavour combined with cooling mint that makes the taste reminiscent of blueberry ice cream.

Cactus Sour: Satisfy your cravings anytime, anywhere with Nicotine Pouches - the desert-inspired sensation!

Citrus Cooling: A handcrafted combination of fresh citrus flavour together with a titillating and cooling effect that together creates something special.

Fizzy Cola: Enjoy a Coke-inspired buzz with XQS nicotine pouches - the perfect blend of sweet and satisfying.

Green Mint: Delightful mint flavour, providing you with a burst of freshness with every use.

Soft Toffee: Indulge in the Sweet Sensation of Nicotine Pouches with XQS Soft Toffee.

Tropical: A unique design and a taste that takes you to tropical forests.

Twin Apple: XQS Twin Apple has the juicy and rich taste of freshly picked apples. The flavours offer the tartness of green apples and the sweetness of red apples

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