STLTH Switch Loop 2 Pods (18mL)


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Embrace the sustainability and cost-effective benefits of the rechargeable STLTH LOOP 2 CLOSED POD DEVICE, combined with the prefilled STLTH SWITCH PODS. With an impressive 18 mL e-liquid capacity and vertical mesh coil technology, enjoy up to 15,000 smooth, flavour-rich puffs for lasting satisfaction.

Paired with the STLTH LOOP 2 Devices, the STLTH SWITCH Pods feature an intuitive e-liquid level reading technology taking the guesswork out of pod replacement. The E-liquid Indicator feature on the LOOP 2 Device communicates with the STLTH SWITCH POD to display real-time e-liquid levels, making pod replacement simple and convenient.


BLOOD ORANGE ICE AND LEMON SQUEEZE ICE. Savour the tangy, frozen fusion of blood orange and ice, then flip to the pod for a burst of refreshing lemon ice flavor that invigorates your senses!

BLUE RAZZ AND WHITE GRAPE. Begin with the tangy delight of blue raspberry, then switch to the crisp sweetness of white grape, leaving you craving for more!

BLUE RAZZ LEMON ICE AND JUICY PEACH ICE! Begin with a frosty fusion of blue raspberry and lemon, then switch to the refreshing chill of juicy peach ice.

CHERRY ICE AND CITRUS BURST ICE. Kick things off with the tantalizing chill of cherry ice before switching gears to the invigorating zest of assorted citrus fruits on ice!

CLASSIC ICE AND DRY ICE, delivering a fresh take on well-loved classics! Delight in the enduring coolness of CLASSIC ICE, then swap to DRY ICE for a brisk fusion of ginger essence and ice!

GOLDEN TICKET AND VANILLA. Treat yourself to the luxurious blend of rich cocoa and creamy milk in Golden Ticket, then switch to the smooth, velvety embrace of Vanilla for a truly decadent vaping experience!

GREEN APPLE ICE AND WHITE GRAPE ICE. Experience the tangy delight of green apple ice, then switch to the crisp, refreshing taste of white grape ice for a perfect balance of sweet and icy coolness!

PEACH BLUE RAZZ ICE AND PEACH WATERMELON ICE. Delight in the chilling blend of peach and blue raspberry, then switch to the luscious fusion of peach and watermelon, both finished with a refreshing touch of ice for an exhilarating vaping sensation!

PEPPERMINT AND SPEARMINT. Enjoy the icy blast of peppermint, then switch to the crisp, refreshing taste of spearmint for a double dose of cool, minty goodness that will invigorate your senses!

WATERMELON LIME ICE AND STRAWBERRY LIME ICE. Enjoy the lively combination of watermelon and tangy lime, then switch to the zesty delight of frozen strawberry and lime for a burst of fruity freshness with a cooling finish.

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