Stlth Box 8000 PRO Disposable Device (14mL)


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Introducing the STLTH BOX 8K PRO, a remarkable upgrade that takes disposable vaping to the next level. This cutting-edge disposable vape device features an all-new innovative LED screen, elevating your vaping experience to a whole new level!


  • Up to 8000 puffs
  • LED Screen with E-Liquid and Battery indicators
  • Type-C Charging
  • Vertical Mesh Coil for Optimal Flavour
  • 14 mL of E-Liquid
  • 20 mg/mL
  • 800 mAh Internal Battery


Apple Berry Ice: Indulge in the frosty fusion of crisp apples and plump berries, kissed by an icy breeze.

Arctic Mint: A chilling blend of mint and icy freshness that will leave you craving for more.

Blackberry Ice: Experience the bold and juicy allure of ripe blackberries, transformed into a refreshing delight with an icy twist.

Blue Razz Lemon Ice: An electrifying burst of tangy blue raspberry and zesty lemon, all wrapped in an icy embrace!

Citrus Burst Ice: A thrilling burst of vibrant citrus fruits, embraced by a refreshing icy sensation.

Dragon Berry Mango Ice: An exotic symphony of dragon fruit, luscious berries, tropical mango, and an exhilarating ice finish.

Kiwi Dragon Berry Ice: An exotic fusion of succulent kiwi, sweet berries, and dragon fruit meets an icy embrace for a truly exhilarating taste sensation.

Green Apple Ice:  Sweet and tangy green apples plunged into a refreshing arctic chill.

Hawaiian Mist Ice: A tantalizing fusion of exotic fruits chilled by a refreshing ice-cold breeze that will transport your taste buds to paradise.

Ice Mint: A glacial blast of pure minty exhilaration that will invigorate your senses and leave you refreshed, one icy puff at a time.

Juicy Peach Ice: Sweet, sun-kissed peaches with an exhilarating icy kick.

Lychee Melon Ice: Luscious lychee and succulent melon, expertly chilled for an icy blast of tropical paradise in every puff

Peach Blue Razz Ice: Luscious notes of peach and tangy blue raspberry complemented with the chill of ice.

Peach Mango Ice: Sun-kissed peaches and tropical mango, chilled to perfection.

Punch Ice: A tangy and refreshing blend of exotic fruits, finished with a cool touch of ice.

Quad Berry: A luscious blend of four succulent berries, iced to perfection.

Strawberry Lime Ice: A bold fusion of tangy lime and sweet, sun-kissed strawberries, brought to life by a refreshing blast of icy coolness.

Tropical Storm Ice: An explosion of tropical fruits invigorated by a refreshing chill

Watermelon Lime Ice: Crisp and sweet watermelon meets the invigorating chill of frost for the ultimate refreshment.

White Grape Ice: A frosty infusion of succulent white grapes that will awaken your taste buds with a tantalizing chill

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