Jam Monster E-juice I Salt Nic (30mL)


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Jam Monster is back! With various different Jam flavours, all on good ol' buttered toast.


Banana J:

A nostalgic treat of having a heaping pile of generously sliced bananas on top of warm piece of toast and melted butter. Each puff will make you think you’re eating grandma’s banana bread on Christmas morning.

Blackberry J:

You'll want to ask for a second helping of blackberry jam that is complemented by toast and butter. The flavor will bring you back to a simpler time, walking through the woods grabbing berries, and enjoying the outdoors. Blackberry Jam’s mouthwatering flavor makes you wish you had a stack of pancakes in front of you after every puff.

Grape J:

The sweet taste of grape jam on top of warm fresh buttery toast will leave your mouth watering for more. Grape Jam produces a flavor noticeable throughout generations. This delicious grape jam vape is a flavor you can always come back to, and it will still taste just as good.

Lemon J:

It’s almost like eating a lemon tart every time you puff on this citrus fruit. This zest of lemon will bring you a freshness that is anchored with the complimentary savory flavors of butter and toast that will bring a smile to your face

Mixed Berry J:

This concoction of berries is a medley dedicated to the joys of fresh berry all tied together on top of a warm piece of toast with melted butter. A sweet treat you will enjoy after every puff, Mixed Berry Jam is the perfect fruit cocktail everyone can enjoy.

Peach J:

It's summer all year round, and peaches are always in season with Jam Monster Peach, a generously applied amount of Jam on a fresh piece of buttery toast is the perfect complement for any weather. Your taste buds will be brought back to life in each puff!

Raspberry J:

A classic interpretation of an all-time favorite, Raspberry Jam based on an old family recipe on a warm piece of buttery toast, will bring you back in time. This vape juice will bring the whole breakfast experience together, in each puff!

Strawberry J:

The people's favorite, the original strawberry jam that tastes exactly the way you hoped it would be complemented by a warm buttery piece of toast. This strawberry jam is the topping you’ve been missing on the shortcake of life. Strawberry Jam is a classic and classics never go out of style.

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